What have you lost?

Many people believe that sadness and grief happen only when someone in our life dies, and that its not possible to feel “This bad” over day to day troubles.

The truth here is grief is a natural response to any loss we experience and yes, especially a death. However grief also happens when something big changes. A divorce or a breakup, A miscarriage, Loss of a pet, The seperation of a friendship, Selling your family home, Financial instablity, Retirement, Loss of health or a loved ones health, Age. etc. As you can see there are many instances that can cause us to “spiral” (as a client describes it.)

Everyone is effected by grief differently, it is a highly personal and individual experience and how you grieve depends on many factors,  including your personality and how you cope, Life experiences up to this point, your faith, and of course the nature of the loss.

Remember that grieving TAKES TIME, it can not be forced and there isn’t a TIMETABLE to be NORMAL. Be patient and kind to yourself. Try not to ignore it, being STRONG has a huge stigma. You are your own person and deserve the space healing requires.